Our People

Liz and Meghan have worked side by side for years. We have several things in common but the most important commonality is how much we enjoy working with clients. We believe a quality product with a friendly, educated team produces the best results, again and again.

Our goal is to be the provider you can count on and recommend to your colleagues. We believe in hard work, innovation, value creation and a culture of unparalleled support. Our values are your values. To us, it’s personal.

After your first project with SyncScript, we start a library of your specific preferences. At SyncScript, we’ll ensure that your preferences, budget, and timelines are met every single time.

Liz Granahan, Partner

Liz is a powerhouse of executive leadership and driving results. After 12 years of increasing responsibility, Liz decided to fly her own flag, and work harder than ever before. She found a kindred spirit in Meghan, and together they plan on creating a work hard, play hard culture. She enjoys spending time with her three children, is an avid reader, and looks forward to the time when she can lounge in the hammock … you know, when her kids are grown.

Meghan Surdenas, Partner

Meghan has a passion for helping business people solve their business problems. With over 15 years of business development experience and a dedication to building lasting relationships, she can easily turn a frown upside down. An instant connection with Liz, both personally and professionally, drove this partnership after working side by side for over 6 years. She has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and is the consummate rainmaker. Meghan is a lover of all things outdoors, from boating to skiing, and everything between, and you can often find an unfinished sewing project on the dining room table.

Trish Ellis, Project Director

Trish has been preparing for this role her entire life, with an undergrad and background in marketing and close to 10 years of transcription experience. A caffeine addict, she is extremely detail oriented and our resident ‘transcription guru’. Having transcribed close to 4,000 transcripts, she understands the inner workings and is a great resource for both clients, and our transcription team. Bubbly, outgoing, and extremely responsive, she enjoys kayaking, archery, ice hockey, kickboxing, reading, and training her two dogs, Maverick and Libby.

Lyndsay Sund, Associate Project Manager

Lyndsay joined SyncScript in 2017 as a brand-new transcriptionist, and instantly fell in love with (became addicted to) transcribing. She recently became Associate Project Manager, but keeps her fingers warm by transcribing every once in a while, and especially enjoys deciphering tough accents. Prior to SyncScript, Lyndsay was a stay-at-home mom with her two kids while working as a freelance editor, and previously worked in Alumni Relations for her alma mater, and as an underwriter in the insurance world. Lyndsay recently moved back to the States from Chile, where her husband is from. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, hiking, doing puzzles, and exploring the globe.

Claire Myers, QA Lead/Social Media Coordinator

Claire joined SyncScript in 2018 and with a background in Marketing, has found a passion that has compacted so many things she loves, all in one. So much, that she quickly tried to take on as much as possible and has found herself joining the proofreading crew, while still packing in the transcriptions! She has a love and curiosity for all things people – whether it be hearing their opinions or just talking to them. When she’s not exercising her fingers, she loves to spend her time actually exercising, cooking for others, planning events, traveling as many places as possible and snuggling her fur ball of a cat.

Letitia Brooks, Proofreader

Letitia has worked as a medical transcriptionist for the past 20 years. She joined SyncScript in 2016 and has worn many hats since joining the firm: transcription, proofreading and data processing. Letitia enjoys activities with her husband and two children and spends her spare time making quilts and other sewing projects.

Melinda Tuey, Proofreader

Melinda has worked in the newspaper industry for 30+ years, both in composing and prepress. With SyncScript, she found a way to use those skills in market research. She joined SyncScript in 2017 as a transcriber and has worked her way up to the QA department as a proofreader. Melinda enjoys reading, graphic design, and spending time with her family.

Julie Pultusker, Hiring Specialist

Julie started her professional career in the legal field, after receiving her law degree from Washburn University. Since moving away from her previous legal position, she has become a stay-at-home parent with three little ones. She absolutely loves being at home with them (even on the crazy days) but also really enjoys the flexibility of her position at SyncScript. When Julie isn’t doing one of the million activities that she plans for the kids and the family, she enjoys working out, cooking, and redoing furniture.

Karla Cedeno, Proofreader

Karla worked in the financial services industry for 20+ years, before deciding to become a stay-at-home mom. She joined SyncScript in 2017 as a transcriber. Transcribing was for her a way to keep busy while her son was at school, but it turned into a fun and challenging way to learn a little bit about lots of topics. Proofreading is a way to put her eye for detail developed over decades in banking to work again. In her spare time Karla enjoys gardening, tinkering with various tech/science related projects (the current one being a small backyard aquaponics system), and spending time with her now teenage son and husband.