Customized Formatting For Your Every Need

We provide a customized approach to transcription to best fit your project & analysis needs!

With four formats to choose from, transcripts are paired with transcribers by specialty, to ensure a final product you can count on. We prioritize getting a deliverable in your hands, so you can turn it into meaningful analysis, quickly.

Have other customization needs? Ask & we’ll suggest the format that will be best suited for you!

Step 1: Pick your format

Need an overall summary?
This solution provides one pass through,
capturing the main points without every detail.

A hands-off, no frills solution,
getting you the insights you need for internal analysis.
Direct access for a full, self-service experience.

A five-star transcription experience.
A verbatim account of the audio, with PM coordination,
and 3-step QA process; perfect for a client-ready deliverable.

Ideal for a series of individual interviews,
this analysis grid offers an easy way to see
all data in one spreadsheet.

Step 2: Select any add-on preferences


  • Every Speaker Change
  • 3 Minutes
  • 5 Minutes
  • 10 Minutes

Speaker ID

Step 3: When do you need your transcripts?

All transcripts have a 1 – 2 BUSINESS DAY turnaround.

Expedited turnaround is available upon request.


You were professional, friendly, fast and cost-effective. I’ll let my colleagues know that you’re the go-to transcription service.

SyncScript performs 100% of our transcription work, and it’s accurate. I have a loyal relationship with them and wouldn’t go anywhere else. A solid vendor I can count on.