Customized Formatting For Your Every Need

We provide a customized approach to transcription to best fit your project & analysis needs!

With four formats to choose from, transcripts are paired with transcribers by specialty, to ensure a final product you can count on. We prioritize getting a deliverable in your hands, so you can turn it into meaningful analysis, quickly.

Have other customization needs? Ask & we’ll suggest the format that will be best suited for you!

Step 1: Pick your format

Need an overall summary?
This solution provides one pass through,
capturing the main points without every detail.

A hands-off, no frills solution,
getting you the insights you need for internal analysis.
Direct access for a full, self-service experience.

A five-star transcription experience.
A verbatim account of the audio, with PM coordination,
and 3-step QA process; perfect for a client-ready deliverable.

Ideal for a series of individual interviews,
this analysis grid offers an easy way to see
all data in one spreadsheet.

Step 2: Select any add-on preferences


  • Every Speaker Change
  • 3 Minutes
  • 5 Minutes
  • 10 Minutes

Speaker ID

Step 3: When do you need your transcripts?

All transcripts have a 1 – 2 BUSINESS DAY turnaround.

Expedited turnaround is available upon request.


You were professional, friendly, fast and cost-effective. I’ll let my colleagues know that you’re the go-to transcription service.

SyncScript performs 100% of our transcription work, and it’s accurate. I have a loyal relationship with them and wouldn’t go anywhere else. A solid vendor I can count on.


A trusted partner of Egg Strategy’s for over 5 years, there is no one else we will go to for language and transcription services. SyncScript has allowed us to optimize our research practices by providing unrivaled service and support. The team at SyncScript is top notch – even in moments where they should tell us no, we get a resounding YES that fits our budget and timeline. Egg Strategy ❤️ SyncScript!

Director of Project Management

Egg Strategy