Finding reliable translation services in market research can be like bumping into a unicorn. From making sure you’re getting native speakers, to localizing the language, to having a dedicated project management team that’s always available, securing comprehensive market research translation service can be the difference between a successful project, or   one that leaves you with missing data. Here are some helpful things to look for when selecting a company for your translation services

1. Native Speakers. Ensuring that your translation services company uses native speakers is key. Native speakers can quickly and easily localize language so that there are no gaps or confusing information in your research. A literal text to text translation, while technically accurate, isn’t always an easily read document. Every language has nuances, and are often interpreted differently. When your selected company uses native speakers for translation, you’ll end up with more accurate and reliable data.

2. U.S.-based Workforce. Many companies providing translation services use an outsourced workforce. While this can be great for native speaker translation, it doesn’t make the process as smooth. A U.S.-based workforce allows for project continuity and stability that doesn’t always come with an outsourced workforce.

3. Accuracy. Of course, accuracy is important, but selecting a translation company that employs tactics to ensure accuracy is critical. As an example, U.S.-based native speakers understand that one word can impact an entire document, so finding a company who employs them can change your entire project for the better.

4. Dedicated Project Management. When you select a translation services company with an experienced and dedicated project management team, it puts you ahead of the competition. Having a dedicated project manager available, with just an email or phone call when you need them, is crucial in the market research world. Projects can change at the drop of a hat and being able to communicate your needs quickly and efficiently is priceless.

If you’re looking for quality translation services, check out what we offer. We support a variety of popular languages and if you have something that’s out of the scope of what we offer, just ask us how we can help!