The key to any successful market research project is finding the right fit for the data you’ve gathered. While there are a number of efficient and functional formats to select from, picking the one that reflects your project’s specific needs and desired outcome can take your research process from good to great. Our Content Analysis format offers a central place to gather your results to make analyzing your data easier. Here are three ways that this unique format can work for your next research project.

Organizes a Volume of Data

If you’re conducting several interviews, whether individual interviews or focus groups, having all your data in one place is convenient. With our Content Analysis format, all your data is organized into one document which makes review and analysis more efficient than needing to access multiple files throughout your process. This format organizes a volume of qualitative data into a quantitative format.

Ease of Analysis and Report Writing

By having all your data in one convenient document, the analysis and report writing process automatically becomes less cumbersome. Everyone knows how taxing writing a report at the end of a successful market research project can be, but with the Content Analysis format, your data is stored in one place to save you precious time.


Perhaps one of the best features of SyncScript’s Content Analysis format is the searchability that’s built into it. Each interview will be transcribed into one document that can be easily searched to find the exact subject matter you’re reporting on. The format allows the user to highlight individual responses that pique interest or search through all interviews at once to find a common theme or drill down into one area.

Whether you’re compiling an in-depth medical study featuring several individual interviews or you’re conducting a variety of focus groups across a diverse schedule, we can help you select the format that serves your research. Contact us today to learn more about Content Analysis and any of our other featured formats.