Who are we? We’re SyncScript, of course.

As Gloria Steinem once said, “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” To live with this mindset and experience this progression in our lifetime as thought leaders, is the ability to instill it in those who come after us.

As we celebrated International Women’s Day this year, opportunity sat top of mind. At SyncScript, we talk a lot about the equality of men and women in the workplace and the importance of equal opportunities for everyone. We strive hard to make sure that we are opening doors for any & all individuals as a place where they can come to find work that accommodates their life – whether they be male, female, husband, wife, parents, caretakers, students, recent graduates, going through changes, frequent travelers, or just simply want the ability to work from anywhere they may be. We’re fortunate that what we do provides such accommodations that many of our team members are of all walks of life.

With all of those things at the forefront this time of year, as a company, SyncScript is celebrating another accomplishment that we’ve been working towards. We are very excited to announce that we are officially a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise – WBE, for short. This is a certification that we have felt passionate about since day one, as a women owned company, and are very proud to represent. As women, we are feminists, acknowledging the humanity in all as individuals, as well as in their personal lives and opening the doors to any who knock.

As entrepreneurs of businesses  big or small, we must all be proud of what we are and who we are. At SyncScript, we are a WBE. We must continue to set examples, create opportunity and maintain balance in the workplace. We must instill this mindfulness in our team and the way we treat one another.

We could not do what we do, without us all working together, equivalently. Together, we create balance. Together, we can accomplish anything. Together, we continue to strive towards a more equal tomorrow.

To learn more about the WBENC certification, check out their website, here!

But in reality, we’re so much more than that.