In market research, there’s two words we love most.

Easy & Efficient


We believe that transcripts lend a hand in accomplishing that goal.

Standard transcripts are great on so many occasions, from focus groups, to webinars & everywhere in-between.

They provide a time-saving tool, that is easy to search & reference.

But, what if you could Excel your analysis?

What if you could put your next IDI project in one clear, concise format that has

every transcript in one place?

Good news.



Here’s our top 5 reasons to use Excel Format for your next project:

1. Make your analysis easier & more efficient.

Want just a quick general synopsis of what your respondents are saying? With one scan of your spreadsheet, you’ll be able to navigate through their answers. Also great for capturing data figures & building in formulas to make your research work for you!

2. View all interviews on one spreadsheet.

Those pages upon pages of scrolling through? Not here. One workbook will keep all of your research in one place. Not requiring any additional time of reading through and organizing files.

3. Still 100% human transcription.

Just because the moderator’s verbatim isn’t there, doesn’t mean our team is taking a break. As always, respondents responses are typed in verbatim, capturing all their opinions, feelings, and questions with the highest amount of accuracy humanly possible. See what we did there?

4. The Excel Template follows the discussion guide.

The workbook is built directly from your discussion guide. No extra work necessary; making it an easy tool for moderators to just simply work their way through in order.

4. Medical Interviews? Our dedicated team of medical MR transcribers have it covered.

Got medical? No problem. Medical transcription works into Excel just the same; with our specialized medical MR transcribers appreciating the organization of data & med lingo, ready to be easily interpreted.

What are you waiting for?

Excel in your next project, today!