Ultimate Guide to Translation Services

We’ve relied on translation services for centuries – to open up business opportunities, to facilitate diplomacy, to allow for shared entertainment worldwide and of course to conduct research. Top of mind, translation seems like an easy task. All these AI translation technologies nowadays, it’s right at your fingertips, isn’t it?


Maybe not.

It really all comes down to what the content you’re translating is. For small greetings, basic words to navigate, or locate places if you find yourself traveling abroad? Sure. Chances are, it’s going to get you somewhere close.

When you’re relying on it to convert an entire conversation where you’re looking to gather informative, thoughtful information about someone’s opinions? Maybe not so much.

Largely, translation is both an art and science of its own – much of which is buried beneath not just the words the native speaker is speaking, but the meaning and tone behind it.

Why Human Translation?

One word: ACCURACY.

Sure, technology is great and algorithms have gotten much smarter, but the human touch that AI lacks will long put it at a disadvantage for two major reasons:

  • Context & Tone

Talking about what’s going on in the world? Events, news, cultural references, personal opinions, bad experiences, great experience. These are all things that often impact consumer opinions and preferences. Human translators are not only aware of these references, but are able to properly incorporate them in conversation as well as the emotion behind them.

  • Conjecture

Someone changes their mind, they negate what they previously said, they switch topics mid-sentence to reflect an opposing idea. Human translators are able to catch these, clearly identifying the break in thought or shift in focus. Not to mention, figures of speech or phrases that are simply just untranslatable word-for-word…because that is absolutely regular occurrence in every single language.

What About Accessibility?

The translation industry was one of the first to figure out the remote work environment. Be it over-the-phone or over-the-web, human translation is accessible instantly, any time, anywhere. When choosing a translation company, you want to ensure that they’re with you every step of the way – even when not there physically.

At SyncScript, our expert linguists provide the highest quality in both the printed word and the spoken word, never missing a beat. Now offering over languages from Tagalog, EU-5 and everything in-between we’re making sure that we’re the one source for all your translation needs.

After all, we just don’t want your translation to end up on #GoogleTranslateFails.